Fasteners Adhesive Tape


Mantica after in-depth studies and after years of painstaking research and testing we are able to make all our sewable tape an adhesive too. We have a wide range of self-adhesive and adhesive where you can chose it in relation to the application surface. The adhesive coating is usually on the entire back tape surface, we are also able on your request to perform dedicated coatings, for example, only with a central adhesive strip or two peripheral strips on the edges.

Full Coating

Central Strip Coating

On the edges Strip Coating


Rubber Base PS1


Self-Adhesive Rubber Base code: PS1.
Self-adhesive rubber base with excellent quality cohesive. Recommended for use with medium-high temperatures (not more than + 85 ° C.)


Self-Adhesive Rubber Base code: PS3.
Self-adhesive rubber base with excellent adhesion on many materials. Recommended for use with medium-low temperatures (not over + 65C.)

Rubber Base PS3


Rubber Base PS5


Self-Adhesive Rubber Base code: PS5.
Self-adhesive rubber base with excellent adhesion combined with excellent cohesion. Recommended for applications where required self-extinguishing properties with medium-high temperature (not more than + 75C.) Meets standards: FAR 25 853 (a) and FMVSS 302.

Self-Adhesive Rubber Base code: PS7.
Self-adhesive rubber base with excellent adhesive/cohesive qualities with high initial sticky properties. Recommended for use with medium to high temperatures (not over + 70 ° C.)
All self-rubber-based adhesives are not suitable for all materials containing plasticizers like soft PVC.

Rubber Base PS7


Rubber Base PS9


Self-Adhesive Rubber Base code: PS9.
Self-adhesive rubber base with excellent adhesive qualities and initial sticky properties. Recommended for use with medium to medium-high low temperatures (not more than + 55 ° C.)


Self-Adhesive Acrylic Polymer code: PSA.
Acrylic polymer coated on the tape back with good quality cohesive and for soft PVC. Recommended for applications with high temperatures (not over + 120 ° C.)

Acrylic PSA



Electro-welded High Frequency .
Adhesive polyurethane polymer base, non-adhesive to the touch. Reactivable with ultrasound or high frequency. Recommended surfaces PVC PET and PU.


Self-Adhesive Reactivable by Solvent.
Nitrile rubber base adhesive, non-adhesive to the touch reactivable with solvent MEK and acetone. Recommended on surfaces based PVC PET and PU plastic and wood.



Termo Adhesive
Adhesive co-polymer polyamide base, non-adhesive to the touch. Termo reactivable. Recommended for textile applications.
Width: 16,20,25,30,38,50,100 mm.
Packaging: 25 mt. flanged bobbins
Jumbo (size according to width tape)
Slit cutting (width reuqest)
Punched out Form and Kiss Cut
Settori d’impiego
Industry, packaging, medical, aerospace, automotive
Colors: 21 colors (see color chart)
Certification: Oeko-tex standard 100.
General instructions for use
Minimum temperature for use: 18 ° C.
Before applying the self-adhesive or adhesive tape the surface must be free of grease, moisture, dust, silicones, etc …
if before the application the end surface is heated that improves the cohesion of the finished product.
For self-adhesive remove the protective paper and apply the tape with a strong pressure.
For the reactivable adhesive use the corretct method according to the adhesive and press it tenaciously.
Advice: round off the sharp edges of the tape applied, as vulnerable to a detachment start.
It’s better to wait about 24 hours.