All fastener tapes can be covered with trim more or less valuable of leather. The COVER items are part of the range of fastening solution offered by MSC and share the same quality standards and innovation of other products. For this reason uses the highest quality for the production of accessories to ensure the highest level performances. These products find their application in various industries: garments to the shoes wear. The Cover line represents the top of research in the garments sector. The item is actually combining the highest technical innovation and esthetical level in the fastening product, with a surface finishing which in the normally featuring the most valuable skins.
An innovative solution which is able to meet even the technical and esthetical requirements of the most demanding customers. 


Our choice serves classic leather and extends to cover WINNER, Satine until NABUK. It’s possible to create custom cover with logos and designs created by the customer or designed or created by our staff.





All our cover must respond specific characteristics: softness, comfort, resistance to unraveling, abrasion resistance, tear strength and elongation, thickness and weight.
Great innovation 2016 was the introduction of new cover “SOFTAN” because it’s “SOLVENT FREE”, where di absence, during all production processes, of solvents and toxic chemical substances have ensured that Mantica continue to pursue a careful policy on respect for the environment.

The resistance to abrasion, moisture, and finally with the highest resistance to breakage and fraying due to bending,they make sure the item is a valid alternative to the cover of PU / PVC on the market today, all wrapped in a soft covered tape

Cover Winner



Cover Softan


Width: 15,20,25,30,40,50,100 mm.
Packaging: 20 mt. falnged bobbins

Ultrasonic welding (straps)
Punched out Form and Kiss Cut
Customized (print)

Industry branch

Certification: REACH