Ethics and responsibility are our core values


The company Mantica Sistemi di Chiusura deals with many years with consolidated experince in the hook and loop tape transformation. Our Goal is to represent in terms of ethics and corporate responsibility an important benchmark in the market for customers and suppliers.
By partnering with some manufacturers, we have developed new tape processing techniques through the use of machinery and equipment completely designed and built up inside our company; We have also expanded our warehouses in order to increase the availability of the product ready for quick distribution throughout Europe. Today we are able to respond to the increasing market demands


More skills at the highest level in the Hook and Loop fasteners industry
are our priority objective and this is why the search for new materials is done side by side a parallel search of technological and production systems.

The presence and continuity action in the market are our strengths, They push us toward two directions: to understand the customers’ demands and provide us accurate data and targeted objectives in order to develop new products.

For all this reasons the Mantica company is your partner in the development and technical solutions obout fastener closures in: cabling systems, DIY, orthopedics, safety and all new fields to fill out

A brief back…

Hook and Loop fasteners was born from inventiveness of Swiss engineer George De Mestral:on the way back from a walk in the countryside he noticed how the seeds of the burdock plant clung to the fur of his dog. Intrigued studied them and was able to play them by weaving. In 1955 he registered Velcro® brand that it still registered from Velcro Industries B.V. and acronym of the initials of the words velor (velvet) and crochet (hook). In 1978, the patent has lapsed so many companies have been able to produce and improve it.